Please read this section to get started. If you have any questions that are not mentioned here, please email us and we’ll get you sorted!
    1. What is a MAL/KAL/CAL?
      Make-A-Longs / Knit-A-Longs / Crochet-A-Longs (aka Makealong, Knitalong, Crochetalong or MAL, KAL, CAL) are a great way to share your love of making in a group setting.
    2. Why should I get involved?
      These events are helpful and fun for so many reasons; you can get expert tips and support straight from the designer (when they are involved), and our experienced staff members, share your progress in an encouraging environment, and work on a set timeline to help you stay motivated from start to finish!
    3. How do I participate?
      See the our MAL Page for upcoming events; each one will be posted there, complete with a timeline, link to the pattern listing, designer host, and general rules.
    4. Do I need any special skills to participate?
      Each event will be outlined according to the design; we hope to offer a wide variety of designs to suit everyone from beginners to experts, complete with tips and tricks to tackle the pattern at hand and others in the future!
    5. There is no sign up fee to participate?
      Most of our MALs will be free to join (if there is ever a fee, it will be to cover external costs). I’m proud to provide a meeting place to host regular MAL events. Each event will feature a new pattern or project, and pattern/project fees will vary depending on the design. Supplies will be available for purchase at Artisanthropy in both Whitby and Cobourg depending on the project and whether or not you already have the supplies at hand. We do ask that you support our MALs by purchasing any supplies you do need for them from us.
    6. The MAL has already started – can I still join?
      Don’t worry if you’re late – you’re still welcome! You may join a MAL at anytime, even if you are late. Each section or deadline will be outlined in the individual event, and (if separate) all instructions will be provided in a condensed version at the end. To qualify for giveaways, you must have your final projects submitted by the event deadline.
    7. Where can I get help if I have questions or need support?
      We offer support for our MALs in various ways:

      • We offer weekly socials in Whitby from 1-3 PM on Wednesdays, and 7-9 PM on Thursdays. These are $5 to join, and you get $5 in store credit. Additional help will be listed on each MAL. Staff at either shop will be able to help you at most points along the way.
      • Help in Cobourg will also be listed on each MAL.
      • If you’re joining us online, or wish to get help outside of our posted hours, join our Facebook Group. Someone will be available to assisst you within 12 hours of posting in most cases. If you have any questions about a specific MAL event, you can reach out via email to

Thank you all so much for being here!