The best yarns in the world can’t come to anything without needles or hooks! Artisanthropy is proud to offer a selection of Skacel’s addi products to ensure that your project is a breeze to create. From our locations in Whitby and Cobourg, we offer the needles and hooks that come from the same family that started handcrafting needles in 1829. Crafted in Altena, Germany, the addi family of products are still made with the care and precision that comes from hands-on fabrication. Artisanthropy is proud to sell the products of a company that not only follows the strictest environmental regulations, but ensures the fair treatment and payment of its employees. addi has worked with Skacel for nearly 30 years to distribute their product in North America; now, Artisanthropy can ship these durable, world-renowned tools anywhere in Canada, or worldwide.

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